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Enough with the toxic virtue takedown culture!

Mine EYES! They BLEED!!!

This particular thing really caught my ire – after Cancel Culture went rabidly for Grant Morrison coz some lady said he ‘groomed’ her…. Uh, this is the guy that rammed “Vertigo” stuff full of worship of William S. Burroughs, had a mastabatory wank a thon to magically cure himself of cancer, rammed in “The Invisibles” an early work of his: “Gideon Stargrave” which got Moorcock threatening to sue him back in the day – and did Spider Jeruselem of “Transmetropolitan” – who was a nasty journalist and sick letch constantly sexually pestering his ‘aides’…?

Like – he makes friends with ladies, maybe he fucks them, maybe he doesn’t. His own personal life. If she’s more than sour grapes, that’s what the courts are for. Otherwise maybe he fucked her, maybe he didn’t… Why – the – FUCK – should we CARE….!?

Coz – it’s not about if I like him or not. Perhaps I should hate British since I’m from Irish roots – I’d better NOT get started there… Having said that, there are plenty of Britons (and from other groups) I do like – as individuals – especially writers, actors, artists for their works… Why? Coz I like what they did – their acting, their stories, their art… I can respect that even if I’d not be close friends with the person. I’ve said before and will say again my ‘loyalty’ is to ‘the story’ namely if they can tell a GOOD one, not their “Politics”…

And now we get to modern “Cancel Culture” to “Virtue Signalling” to whatever.

A few years back the “Howie” was removed from the “World Fantasy Awards”. Some “Black woman writer” was just given the award (one man’s opinion ONLY for that reason, tokenism) and she whined that the bust was a cartoony HPL… (designed by the late Gahan Wilson!) She KEPT said award because it was a quickie way to get legit published in a shrinking market – but whined. So they voted to take down the bust and work on another design. Lots of other FAR more established writers (like S.T. Joshi) returned theirs in disgust.

S.T. Joshi returned his in disgust after they removed the HPL image due to ‘racism’ of said writer. I pledge to NOT accept it (Unless HPL is restored) if ever offered one. Unlikely since the award is handed out by (One Man’s Opinion) a closed circle of pseudo intellectual old school leftists stroking each other off and occasionally giving awards to sucky untalented “Token” writers… (again, “One Man’s Opinion) But still…NOPE – not unless the return the Lovecraft to the Howie…

Oh, I won’t mince words, HPL was a racist. In days when it was more socially unacceptable NOT to be. He was mild, just having some negative stereotypes and language in his works and some rather nasty poetry. But he mostly HID from “Others” – including his OWN kind, hiding in a crumbling house writing endless letters and a few fantastic stories. He ripped off the “Brundage” covers of Weird Tales that had his works published, not because she was a Mexican single mother (and WT hired her coz they liked her ART and that they didn’t car about her race, just her artistic ability) but rather he was anti-sexual and most of her covers illustrated lurid parts of other writers tales…

But they went to CANCEL HPL – but whoops – they kept the republishing of HPL – love to KEEP making MONEY off of his corpse… (He’s mostly Public Domain – I suggest Wikisource so you can read his works, download to your phone/tablet and NOT give the ghouls $) The publisher parasites just have new writers shove in “Woke” stories – make that “Lovecraft County” for HBO – so …? Cthulhu is behind the KKK? Like what – da – FUCK… Cthulhu was worshipped by “Mulattos” in the Bayou, degenerate eskimos… Cthulhu wasn’t racist, when the stars were right ALL would be his FOOD. Also a KKK member would likely SHOOT himself hearing Cthulhu’s call – said person being a rabid extremist (Taliban level) Christian.

However, rather than foam and rave about HPL and other recent “Cancel” stuff – well why haven’t they gone to cancelling “The Wizard of Oz” – the movie, derivative works, all the books?

The Man behind the (typewriter) curtain is calling for GENOCIDE!? Uh, let’s ignore that and keep making MONEY!

OZ itself is pretty generic though it wasn’t G-rated (books) but what could be wrong about an American Classic?

Well the writer – L. Frank Baum – published a frontier newspaper – in which he called for the complete genocide of all remaining Native Americans. For 20 years. Serious – that is the reason we have 14 OZ novels and the movie. (there was also a B&W version earlier I think) No internet really in the late 1800s/early 1900s so he spent big $ for his own “Blog” aka his paper – and went bankrupt. Otherwise we’d have had 3 Oz novels and he’d have been set for life, but he published his weekly call for genocide and typed Oz novels to support it.

This was no secret. Decades past, when I was a brat I remember (rural area) some Native Americans were organizing a protest because big -re-showing in theaters the Wizard of Oz to celebrate … anniversary of the film. The police said “We are bringing in the National Guard. If there’s a single rock thrown, and let me assure you there is always some Anarchist, we will use FULL AUTO on all Indians protesting.”

So – why aren’t the SJW’s screaming for the Wizard of Oz not to be shown?

The local Fuzz did let them do some mild protests over the Atari 2600 game “Custer’s Revenge” – but really they knew about it before any local store owner and they ALL quickly promised them NOT to carry it or help anyone order it. I had missed that but was the reason I couldn’t get the legendary/rare Halloween or Texas Chainsaw Massacre games…

But why aren’t modern SJWs screaming about “Wizard of Oz” if they scream about Lovecraft?

Here’s why;

The “Hipsters of HATE” are CUCK COWARDS. Fashionable “Rebels” without a CLUE, looking for some “socially acceptable form of token resistance”. Wizard of Oz is BIG MEDIA property – keeps making money and money and MONEY for them… Just like Native Americans who had a legit gripe, if they show up for the 100th, 120th whatever Re-Screening of the classic all they’ll get is police that’ll brutally clobber them and take them away – no permit ever given to stage the protest and likely a few will get SHOT. No media will cover it – and the judge will hand down draconian sentences, like a decade for a smashed window.

Prove me wrong, “Hipsters of HATE” show you are worth half a piece of SHIT and have anything approaching the courage of the paisley radicals who’s smoke you get a Dr approved whiff of but aren’t worth being near their van…

It’s worse – they bash Robert E Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Orson Scott Card over some failing. But they’d throw battery acid in each other’s eyes to fight for a “William S. Burroughs” award… (Do I NEED to even get started on the latter? I love his works also but really…)

When it comes down to it, I think it’s a cruel rule that a truly great voice needs almost always to have some inner pain, some perversion, some deviation from the norm. That inner pain/frustrated desire is what they channel to keep outputting, expressing themselves.

I remember being hassled by a lady in a bookstore years back when they printed a deluxe set of Frazetta books – but she was carrying “Cosmopolitan” and tons of women’s magazines showing models so thin and lanky they’d tell the Frazetta women to lose weight and be 10 years younger. Also keep seeing Marion Zimmer Bradley’s works in print – but whoops – her daughter wrote a tell-all book “The Dark Side of Avalon” about how she molested her. And it was an open secret MZB’s husband was a gay pedo chasing boys, they had to assign special guards to keep an incident from happening at conventions…

So again when it comes down to it – there’s virtually NO artistic, literary, musical, thespian, scientific, historical figure without some deep, HORRIBLE flaw in their personality. Did you really expect anyone to be perfect?

Right now they tear down statues. Confederate generals. Columbus. Andrew Jackson. George Washington…

What good does that do?
If we tear down the world because everyone that built it has a flaw, what do we get? And does that somehow avenge the deaths and injuries, somehow cover up all the blood and tears shed, save with rubble?

From Druillet’s “Yragel/Urm” – now in publication again!

“Social Justice” is a sickening LIE. It takes the true push for social progress and turns it into Nihilism. By all means people should push for racial equality, less racism, less sexism – towards a more fair, more just world. But that doesn’t mean that only perfection is acceptable or that the past must be erased and forgotten. The lessons of history are the blood and tears and tragedy as well as the laughter and triumph. Without both there is no progress, nothing to strive for, nothing to fight against.

Snippet from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen V2 – really brilliant.

So again – let’s reject all this SHIT – and tell companies to do so also…
I don’t care if this or that writer said something nasty, if that artist was a pervert… Or some dumb British comic book guy might be as lecherous as his journalist character – ladies can say “Get away, CREEP!” and slap him – or sue/press charges if he does anything worse than try to get them to let him fuck them. “Grooming” come ON, snowflakes – you’d scream if he dropped his pants and said “I want to fuck you” so he tries to get to know you, have a friendship, then asks if intimacy is possible – “He was grooming meeeee – haalp!”

Right – “One Man’s Opinion” that’s what you get for a ‘liberal’ college these days – neat bit I found on Twitter

Little Funny I found on Twitter the toxic shithole of the net that makes a /chan site look nice.

An artist, a writer etc. might write a wonderful all ages story I love. They might also spend their $ on BitCoin to pay for options for what is done to victims in “Red Rooms” on the Darkweb. That is between them, the criminals they work with, Da Fuzz if it can bother to stop writing tickets/cite code violations and actually chase dangerous criminals, the courts and finally G-d… I like the STORY they write or don’t like it. I don’t “separate the art from the artist” either, we have to understand it takes both and that is part of the real world.

I felt cause to illustrate my point. Anyone distributes is fine with me – non-profit and please link to my site.

So let’s tell the “Media Companies” they don’t need to worry if this or that artist is a pervert, a conservative or worse a FREE THINKER – just worry if they can make a GOOD STORY especially if you make them work on 70 year old characters with rather rigid guidelines to keep despite trying to appeal to the ‘current’ day. Ignore, block, tell off the “Social Justice Warriors” aka the “Hipsters of HATE” – to try legit for social progress rather than screaming over issues fought (and mostly WON) around the 70s and only baiting a backlash.

Serious – ain’t just venting – here’s a good way to counter this shit;

A letter

Snail mail

Concise, to the point, polite

Dear media company (business format)

I heard how you cancelled —— over —–

I wish to say that I do not support that …… is an excellent writer. He’s made many good stories. His personal failings are between him, his associates, the law and G-d (if you believe in him) I will buy or not buy a product based on if I like the story or art, not demanding the author and company somehow be a mirror of my own vanity, matching ideals and politics I confirm with. There would be little entertainment in that – for I would know “The story” already…

Thus if you wish my future purchases, do not play moralist with your associates – pick those that make the BEST works, the most challenging stories. Their personal lives when they punch out the clock are their own business, not mine, not yours and not the shouting failures of the ‘social justice’ movement.

Thank you



This is exactly why SJWs – and Nucking Futs Fundiez have so much power. They pester media companies with constant communication. Imagine from popular culture Monty Burns sitting down and going “What do the Vermin Scum of the common people think…?” And (double meaning not intended) his lackey, Smithers, has a pile of letters… Most elites who sit on commercial empires they inherited use an old school term “A satisfied customer perhaps tells another. A dissatisfied customer tells many”

That is why people who have $100K debt for a “Gender Studies” degree and work three Starbucks jobs are able to get comic book companies to wreck their characters, get people fired, have the media change for them. They don’t have a life but keep pestering.

We need to pester right back despite having lives. A few letters here and there could make a HUGE difference – in not cancelling good writers/artists – in not changing/wrecking classics – in making them make NEW products versus countless re-makes… That’s for an upcoming BloggVs MaXXXimVs!

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