Re-BUTTall to the Wizards of the CUCKz

Greetings, my Fishes! It is now time again for BloggVs MaXXXimVs!

Today I felt I could keep the blood boiling with rage down so decided to tackle WoTC’s statement on justifying it’s “Shoot self in FOOT” level pandering to whining Social Justice warriors.

This is their own words – posted of course in “I feel I can say without fear of contradiction” on no comment boards or ones moderated to disallow any comments other than fake chatter and mindless flattery.

“Throughout the 50-year history of D&D, some of the peoples in the game—orcs and drow being two of the prime examples—have been characterized as monstrous and evil, using descriptions that are painfully reminiscent of how real-world ethnic groups have been and continue to be denigrated. That’s just not right, and it’s not something we believe in. Despite our conscious efforts to the contrary, we have allowed some of those old descriptions to reappear in the game. We recognize that to live our values, we have to do an even better job in handling these issues. If we make mistakes, our priority is to make things right.

Here’s what we’re doing to improve:

We present orcs and drow in a new light in two of our most recent books, Eberron: Rising from the Last War and Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount. In those books, orcs and drow are just as morally and culturally complex as other peoples. We will continue that approach in future books, portraying all the peoples of D&D in relatable ways and making it clear that they are as free as humans to decide who they are and what they do. When every D&D book is reprinted, we have an opportunity to correct errors that we or the broader D&D community discovered in that book. Each year, we use those opportunities to fix a variety of things, including errors in judgment. In recent reprintings of Tomb of Annihilation and Curse of Strahd, for example, we changed text that was racially insensitive. Those reprints have already been printed and will be available in the months ahead. We will continue this process, reviewing each book as it comes up for a reprint and fixing such errors where they are present. Later this year, we will release a product (not yet announced) that offers a way for a player to customize their character’s origin, including the option to change the ability score increases that come from being an elf, a dwarf, or one of D&D’s many other playable folk. This option emphasizes that each person in the game is an individual with capabilities all their own. Curse of Strahd included a people known as the Vistani and featured the Vistani heroine Ezmerelda. Regrettably, their depiction echoes some stereotypes associated with the Romani people in the real world. To rectify that, we’ve not only made changes to Curse of Strahd, but in two upcoming books, we will also show—working with a Romani consultant—the Vistani in a way that doesn’t rely on reductive tropes. We’ve received valuable insights from sensitivity readers on two of our recent books. We are incorporating sensitivity readers into our creative process, and we will continue to reach out to experts in various fields to help us identify our blind spots. We’re proactively seeking new, diverse talent to join our staff and our pool of freelance writers and artists. We’ve brought in contributors who reflect the beautiful diversity of the D&D community to work on books coming out in 2021. We’re going to invest even more in this approach and add a broad range of new voices to join the chorus of D&D storytelling. And we will continue to listen to you all. We created 5th edition in conversation with the D&D community. It’s a conversation that continues to this day.

That’s at the heart of our work—listening to the community, learning what brings you joy, and doing everything we can to provide it in every one of our books. This part of our work will never end. We know that every day someone finds the courage to voice their truth, and we’re here to listen. We are eternally grateful for the ongoing dialog with the D&D community, and we look forward to continuing to improve D&D for generations to come.”

Okay… Controls breathing. Checks if going to hurl on keyboard… Okay…

Let me first thank WoTC on behalf of the late Jack T. Chick and the moralist “Preechurz” and Tabloid news of the 80s…

Really, the late Jack T Chick is probably in purgatory for 1 MILLION years for his letter of the law/KJV legalism driving more people away than ever “Saving” but his legacy is ready to jump again – and SJWs screaming about RPGs are going to help it…

AND those that will probably come in a decade and build upon your work also. Who cares the real social problems America has – from the Government becoming corrupted by rich elite globalist bankers to at every level people not caring… Whoops, that’d be “Politics” and might threaten your ‘tax free’ status – though when whatever ‘wing’ is in power they can bray to vote ‘right’ or ‘left’ without losing it. Just no social issues that mean anything. Especially the “MegaChurch Mc Salvation franchise” things… Worried people notice that you bankrupted their elderly Aunt by constantly pestering her for donations that went to a new set of AAA meat Call Girls, their implants, their luxury homes and exotic vacations? Scream Dungeons and Dragons is corrupting youth. Whoops, its in the news a vehemently anti-homo minister was caught getting gay for pay sex and doing drugs – despite supporting ‘anti-gay’ stuff that caused some kids to kill themselves… Scream about a popular (overrated, IMO) “Wizard” scholastic fiction, and tie it to games….

The 80s taught us (RPG players, other likers of non-mainstream media) to FIGHT tooth and nail for our right to publish, buy, have access to, sell what we want and to NOT compromise to foaming, fear mongering censors. Give an inch they’ll take a mile. If they “Win” (mass book burning, banning) you go underground, publish in defiance, distribute in defiance – but more likely you’ll give them such a run for their money the next ones think TEN times before tangling with you.

This is true, this is what happened.

Placeholder – I’m posting some nostalgia clips…

Years back the Comic book industry got scared by McCarthy like fear mongering. The “Free Speech” issue was won in court, but the industry worked out a ‘compromise’ that’d be ‘conspiracy’ and ‘monopoly’ if the laws had been enforced as they should. They ended up with a “Comics Code” that crippled the medium for decades. All fake – the late Wertham’s ‘research’ was found to be make-believe – yes NO kid was found hanging with a Horror comic showing a hanging at his feet. No kid hitting furniture emulating Captain Marvel growing into an adult now breaking furniture and beating his family…all MADE UP. But neat to establish a “Censor” board that lets TWO companies pay a fee and other companies get to pay money and maybe they get that label otherwise try to figure out what caused a “no” vote. Like Movie ratings but more corrupt. Even now comic books are still seen as silly, juvenile, etc. vs real literature like Manga can be.

RPGs on the other hand, spearheaded by the late Gary Gygax fought tooth and nail against powerful “Prophets for Prophet” and dishonest media looking for ratings.

There was NO code and any ‘banning/burning’ amounted to people legit buying the books (more sales) to burn and getting laughed out of the public groupthink. The 90s saw a boom in Role-Playing as adults went back to their hobby and kids discovered it. 00s had a slight slump due to fears and more internet with better computers had more people playing video games at home. However the hobby has continued and is still vast and more or less accepted as part of culture versus being a bizarro nerd thing. Now the moralists HID from RPGs in the 90s until the late ones where White Wolf published more realistic (set in the real world, creatures closer to traditional legend) RPGs – they told them to F— off they’d publish what they pleased and had lawyers. The few moralists slithered away or were laughed away. This continued into the 00s – including handling of controversial subjects, the funnest of which was hiring some Asian illustrator for a cover and due to the sexuality of the lass’s impractical outfit the moralists tried to scream again, only to be greeted by a big FUCK OFF!!!

Obscenity? Oh, my goodness!

Furthermore, RPGs expanded through this – the “Old School Roleplay” movement to capture the magic of the clunky 70s adventures though use modern computers/internet to direct publish and easier to get art in since no need to pay for ‘burning a plate’, etc. Or programs that allow RPGs to be broadcast from the home live. And countless computer DIY programs and art tools to make illustrations for adventure games easier.

Thus my JAW dropped seeing in recent years RPG companies catering and CUCK-ing to the pandering, screaming moralists called the “Social Justice Warriors”. These are just the LEAST of the foolish idealistic college students. They have like $100K debt each for “Gender Studies” or something. They are 1% of 1% of the most radical left. And somehow this media is giving them attention as if they represented “The Left”…

Sorry, I’m “Old School” left – I guess an older X-er being heavily influenced by Hippie/Yippie parents and their friends. It’s really funny seeming “Alt Right” (which I’m not) by today’s standards.

I’m absolutely FOR ending (in a sane way) racism and sexism, also bias based on personal beliefs or lack of beliefs – and whatever you do in the bedroom (if legal/consenting adults) I don’t give a F—. Now Ideal vs real – we’ll always have some racism, sexism, etc. but the better way is to seek real tolerance and equality. Yeah – I’m for the Government to “Ensure the General Welfare” – but I’d rather have it make sure to benefit things that keep people employed and happy and (to the edge of the constitution) not help or tax/block things that work against it. (like why in the world is it not blocked or taxed or criminal to hire illegals, send jobs to China, etc.?)

However, SJWs take this to the Nth level…

AND – this is part of the trap – to go into the politics of it.

Like whoa, boy, you are SO STUPID, Wizards of the CUCK – like here –

We’re proactively seeking new, diverse talent to join our staff and our pool of freelance writers and artists. We’ve brought in contributors who reflect the beautiful diversity of the D&D community to work on books coming out in 2021.

So you are going to hire people based on the COLOR of their SKIN or their Religious/Ethnic/Gender background versus the CONTENT of their Character – or plain ability to tell a good STORY, make a good ADVENTURE, make good ART!? Just “Diversity”?

Oh, nothing could go wrong with that…

Hint – the paperback publishing industry late 70s to mid 80s going what we’d now call “Woke”… Rejecting, even blacklisting good writers, RAMMING in tons of “Books by a (token) writer” that were barely readable with stories plagarist at best… And spearheading with a “Woman Writer” allegedly “Friends” ( as in Lipstick L—-) with the rabid feminist head of a major book publisher – but a 3 star writer (one man’s opinion) at best… Her works are still in print, still on the shelves – matter of fact – I remember having her works shoved in my face by a hate-filled harpy a while back as I looked over some Conan/Frazetta stuff.

Problem is – well it’s like I’ve noticed on the SJW’s “Cancel Culture” – their own “heroes” are the WORST – especially HER.

That’s at the heart of our work—listening to the community, learning what brings you joy, and doing everything we can to provide it in every one of our books.

No, you are listening to a tiny ARMPIT of some self-entitled College students who when you gave them an INCH only hated you more for not already giving them a MILE… They’ll just demand more and more until you give them the best paying jobs they can’t be fired from, then when they get booted say when the company goes bankrupt, prepare for the SWAT team kicking down your door because for more money one of them claims you molested (or groped, raped, drugged….) them… Just one man’s opinion, but “meToo” is making lots of companies just NOT hire certain groups and prepare for discrimination suits versus having “Untethered floating mines” that might sink their retirement yacht 20 years later, not being able to prove they did NOT commit some crime however long ago. (Like Geebuz what about the Constitution!?)

However, rather than rant on about how stupid it is I think there’s a good analogy versus the polarizing politics: Two pieces of “Folk Wisdom”

One – “If it ain’t broken, don’t FIX it”

Two – “Bird in hand worth TWO in the Bush”

I’ve mostly been over the former – including earlier posts where I pointed out how due to the players and creators being largely (old school) leftist and liberal the game was progressive for the times. How even the things under scrutiny, “Oriental Adventures” and “Al Qadim” were done with HUGE amounts of research to be more fair – even when society was full of vicious racism against both groups. How all the THANKS you get is the college clique weasels trying to CON their way into easy jobs by having conversations with each other – in a market now GLUTTED with alternative RPGs and the old school customers with MONEY feeling like you are spitting in their faces.

So, I’ll go over the latter, removing “Politics”

Let’s say you are a company that makes a BLUE product:

And someone points out there’s as many people who buy pink products, why don’t you make pink products…?

Okay… What DO you DO?

Now if you are like Wizards of the CUCK (and other panderers, cowards, what the GaawddFUCK are they thinking idiots) you instantly make PINK products or try to…

Looks! Weez now Pink! Buy! Buy!

Only you do it wrong, there are already other makers of PINK, and your existing customers want BLUE. So what do you do?

HALLP! HALLP! BLUE customers are INCELS who want to KILL us and RAPE us! Hallp! We will be PINK! If Blue customers don’t buy our PINK they are INCELS who want to RAPE us and KILL us and our REAL customers who are the MAJORITY!!!

Again, this is what the CUCKz of the Gaming Industry seem to be doing….

MonteCUCK games; their “Consent in Role Playing” thing that future moralists will use to put RPGs in the same crowd as BDSM sessions and Pornographic films… GDW; big copyWRONG DMCA abusers, trying to be WOKE in a “GrimDark” world..when really they should be more afraid of fans getting sick of paying increasing amounts for sh-t made in China but charged so much its cheaper to get a 3D printer/casting resin to copy things… Even “White Wolf” starting to turn “Woke” when they already were progressive but at least NOT politically correct (until now…)

That’s more of the other ‘alternative’ – MIX the colors – EVERYONE has to like PURPLE, no? Well they are EXTREMISTS then…


Yeah, that’ll really work….

Or how about MIXING things UP so everything is pink, purple, blue…?

Hopefully you get what I mean.

RPGs especially the foundational ones were children of the 60s, 70s into the 80s. They were a niche, although a powerful one, but 99% MALE – thus they needed macho adventure, heroism, battling monsters, saving damsels in distress, etc. Think the “Sword and Sorcery” genre as much or more than Tolkien…

They laid and fought for the foundation that later games stood upon – such as the more in the ‘real’ world (of darkness) White Wolf – the latter having more female players due to different themes and base interests. OGG (Ordinary Gaming Geeks) liked WW’s games, they weren’t going to ditch D&D for it, but many bought a bunch of books and played it also. That IMO is why WW waited till the 00s for it’s “Exalted” system – a high fantasy heavily Anime inspired setting.

RPGs do NOT need to be “Fixed” they aren’t “Broken” and the existing customer base is overwhelmingly progressive and left leaning. Forcing radical extremes of “Political Correctness” and hiring “Consultants” based only on some ‘background’ other than the genre is “Shoot Self in Foot” – again look to publishing when they went “Woke” and went “Broke”… Those old paperbacks in the used bookstore/ebay? Used to have tons of them on the shelves at bus stations, drug stores, grocery stores – 14K was a SMALL print run… It indeed ended with the “Sword and Sorceress” thing trying to EXPAND the market by spitting in the EYE of 99% of the customer base to appeal to ANYONE other than “White Males”… They gained almost ZERO customers and lost PLENTY. If they hadn’t done this the bookstore section for sci-fi/fantasy would be thrice as large or more, not even including Anime and RPG stuff.

Furthermore they are not “Behind the Times” – they’ve continued their popularity and expanded it. Not “Mainstream” nor never will be, but an established “Hobby” like Golf, Chess, etc. In short a “Niche” where not everyone is into it but it’s not so unusual so therefore strong ground as far as making $ selling to dedicated fans is possible. BUT the group that is the main base fought hard for it and told the next one countless stories of book burnings, beatings by Dad with a minister trying to “Exorcise” the book – and that horrible movie…

“The Scariest Monsters are the ones in the Mind” – ONLY good part…

So indeed, Wizards of the CUCK, “Get WOKE go BROKE”…

It’s a different time – we can let you die again and the hobby would NOT miss you. It seems traditional D&D “Dies” every once in a while, bought by some other company.

We can wait and let you die.

AND – if whoever buys up the rights is “Woke” we can wait and let THEM die…

We RPGers are pretty patient and dedicated. Having to defend against “Zombie LIE” after another. Yes, we can tell reality from fantasy. Yes, we can make a living. Yes, we are educated. (on average WAY more than most) Yes we can… Constant attacks, slander – all for a HOBBY, an INTEREST. We certainly can NOT throw $ into a company that CUCKS out and SPITS in our faces.

The “Intersectional Rainbow Unicorn Snowflake Coalition” will END when they finally graduate or their parents cut them off and they’ll work three “Starbucks” jobs for interest on their “Gender Studies” degree. Even if they have the money (inheritance in a trust fund) they won’t BUY your product.

THIS is the type of person you are catering to.
What the CUCK, WoTC, what the CUCK!?

They just wanted to complain to break someone else’s toys – probably what they did day ONE in Kindergarten; Run over and kick down another kid’s block castle, then run back to Momma Karen and get her to shriek for the teacher (distracted assuring how good the school was to her) to punish the kid who bullied him… They get that same sick thrill “White MALE TEARS” due to to their anti-west, anti-christian, anti-HUMAN education – those ‘professors’ keeping them entertained so the debt factories can make money off of them. And a few of them realize this but are too deep in to get out so they want to con someone else… “Beatniks out to make it rich…” per a classic Donovan song…

But we can let you DIE.

There’s OSR, alternative systems – I argue simply not to buy any NEW D&D products – and to go to alternative systems especially if they are NOT “Politically Correct” then speak out to discourage your works until you go broke or change your ways.

Note also there is online trading of files…

Cough Couch USEnet… Cough Cough … pdf… Cough Cough basic security/privacy measures…

See pic – Oriental Adventures – Let’s see – I can download this for FREE with a little searching and near ZERO risk – OR – I can buy a watermarked copy of a free scan someone posted in a newsgroup in the 00s – but the copy grabbed it, put their new logos on it – AND vandalized with “Disclaimers” to apologize to whining snowflakes and likely REMOVED/Edited a bunch of stuff on top of that…? Which DO you choose? Morality would choose you SUPPORT what you like. You pay $ to a product, it supports those that MAKE said product, said type of product. You vote with your $. That’s how “Capitalism” combined with a “Free Market” is supposed to work… But when you get big monopolistic companies that SPIT in the faces of their customers, catering to ARMPITS of society… When those that wrote the product are retired, dead and won’t get a PENNY of your $… When your $ doesn’t buy “RPG History” but rather a SHELL that’s been gutted out with “Disclaimers” vandalizing what was a rather progressive, rather “Woke” for its time product…

I won’t directly support this of course, but know that it’s only morality they don’t go to USENET and just get any module instantly in a way that’s nigh-untraceable. Yeah, newsgroups it’s hard to get caught downloading anything (uploading needs caution) save the worst of illegal stuff… but serious, Wizards of the CUCK – those old school books you sell on Drivethru – WERE they originals from your archive you SCANNED – OR – were they downloaded from said places and you just slapped your CUCK warnings for the SNOWFLAKES on them? Technically via “Copyright” yes you can get the stuff they scanned and post it of course…

But I don’t want to encourage illegal trading. Rather we should support stuff that is legit and not CUCKED out – support what you like. You didn’t make ANY of that stuff – you just made “Magic” cards then bought and sold the works of others. The guys that wrote the Old D&D stuff you make $ off of are retired or dead and you SPIT on them CUCKING to con-men and women (and whatever sick perversion/mixed gender…etc.) as much as you SPIT on your customer base pandering to ANYONE but it.

They say you attract more flies with honey. Well I bring VENOM, Wizards of the CUCK, you do NOT deserve to own or represent RPGs. You are just a big bloated tick who has NO IDEA what you are doing anymore. It’d be like one of the MegaChurches I talked about earlier having a tiny number of “Christian Satanists” and modifying their whole church and message to “Give the Devil his Due”… They’d rightly face a HUGE boycott of their product and condemnation (if not violent arson attacks) at every level.

I say this about you, Wizards of the CUCK, MonteCUCK games (their “Consent in RPGs” thing, WOKE Woof, Gaming Degeneracy Whore-shop and others that SPIT in the faces of long term players to try to cater to professional con men, fake moral complainers – you do NOT deserve to be in any prominence…

Oh, to the latter… Games DEGENERACY WHORE-SHOP… I’ll get to you later, you sue happy, DMCA abusing behemoth of expensive models that forgot your base to LICK UP to the RAINBOW UNICORN SNOWFLAKES – that should be sued by the Alien franchise, Star Wars, Dune and those feeding of the corpse of Asimov – but harass fans and 3DCG artists you should give thanks to or even hire…

3D printers. Basic modelling. You harassed and really hurt a 3D artist I like who made something kinda resembling a “Genestealer” for commercial 3D stuff as a tribute. And Genestealers, aka “Tyrannids” you really should have been sued by Giger – but he RESPECTED the “Sincerest form of Flattery”… I hope people copying at home on their own costs you FAR more. That it is worth it to DO this when I see “Made in China” on your shit is proof you are too greedy…

Ok… Control breathing…

Let me end by posting some GOOD rpgs that DO respect customers and FUCK off to “Political Correct” whiners wanting to con $ out of them…

Especially this guy. He threatened to REMOVE all his items from the DriveThru RPG store (his entire business $ model) due to them censoring other products.
I’m all for women, minority characters and don’t care what they do in the bedroom – I’m just ANTI-“Political Correctness” and moral pandering.
A wonderful adult sci-fi setting by Venger Satanis – now working on his Cha’alt campaign. Fun and NOT PC!

And last and least I’ll self-promote my “Not F.A.T.A.L. but Serious” side product! (adult oriented) You can download it – yes free, no registration or 3rd party script nightmare site. It’s not a “3rd party RPG” but rather suggestons for modifying WHATEVER system you play to be MORE naughty, more Non-PC. You don’t have to turn your game into a “Vile” campaign to make these SNOWFLAKES CRY, just add a “Damsel in Distress” or a “Brothel” or a “Domesticated Goblina”.. Just an element or two make’s em’ scream – someone somewhere not playing someone else’s game the way they want them to…! I’m working on my main comic which I hope will sell (to be released soon) among other things – but RPGs especially Pen and Paper are a lifelong passion of mine so I want to defend free speech and free markets. This is to give the SJWs something to SCREAM about legit, versus whining Dark Elves, Orkz and “Oriental Adventures” have anything to raise an eyebrow over…

This is an alt cover – and image links to my main website (still in this URL tree)

Have a nice weekend and stay free, my Fishes!

From the Virtual Quill of the Imperator Offensiveness MaXXXimVs!

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