R.I.P. “One Angry Gamer”

Disclaimer – this is “One Man’s Opinion” – also a PRIVATELY hosted blog – no “Free” servers with complaint flags. I cite “Fair Use” for any images posted for review, parody, attitude and am not selling products based on use.

Greetings! I am Imperator OffensiVeness MaXXXimVs! Self-publisher of comics, 3d art, stories and all around free thinker and edge-lord. I bid welcome to refugees of “One Angry Gamer” site aka OAG.

Woe! Woe! Woe!

The formerly awesome site “One Angry Gamer” has gone WOKE and now will go BROKE, having thrown away it’s edge selling out to the “Social Justice” crowd and being less than other former greats, from Ars Technica to iO9, Kotaku and bOING bOING – now will be moderated, have a “TOS” and likely end up hyper fake left political with aggressive left wing agenda ‘moderators’ that police the site so its them, friends and lick-ups. So sudden “Cancelling” should someone say something someone doesn’t like and they hit the “Flag” button like a lab rat looking for his next hit of cocaine.

Oh, OAG was an edgy site – full of extreme opinions. The site was a functional “Gamergate” which is NOT a “hate Group” but rather as the name implied, for Gamers angry when an AAA title is Shovelware quality but gets 99% reviews in “gaming journalism” outlets -and/or- (they go hand in hand) when a game gets censored, by authorities or worse by whining “Social Justice” complainers…

They were gone a few months, just ads for dubious software most reading had already, then back but with TOS announced for an upcoming re-launch.

The real funny thing was, for all the “Hate” they allowed and porn posted – hint in the comments were full of “A. Wyatt Mann” cartoons and porn – usually Hentai – well I felt welcome or not threatened. In short, it was the most open site that was a popular fee access blog on the net I’d known since early “Plastic” (anyone remember) where if it was legal in the USA you could link it, show images and say what the FUCK you wanted.

Oh, we had some harassment, mostly hyper liberals screaming to get people banned then when that failed threatening/harassing/insulting people. One “gay avenger” went through 100 aliases over 3 months, constant being blocked personally by everyone then making up another. heh “you can not KILL that with NO LIFE…”

It was nice – not so much the hate and porn but rather being able to say what I wanted without checking a TOS and asking “If I’m saying anything against the grain of this particular board have I done something I could get banned for – whoops they all (right/left) have TOS to ban for any/no reason, but if I get complaints will the moderator ban me?” – that’s what public media has become – everyone’s drawn wagons into their own private little bubbles and turned into vicious hate machines against “Enemies” – anyone with opposing opinions or WORSE slightly different opinions.

I’m actually a “Leftist” myself but have been banned from far more left wing blogs/boards/sites than right wing ones – and often with ZERO warning. My crime? I’m left but “OLD SCHOOL” leftist, heavy influence by a lot of old Hippies, Yippies and free thinkers when I was growing up. I’m for the opposition to racism and sexism, but am against “Political Correctness” where language/literature is CENSORED as if tearing down the past brings a brighter future!?

The above image is what we get if we “Tear Down” something because the author/creator did something “Problematic” – it’s worse than the Taliban/ISIS(ISIL) masked under their Treacly idealism that’s chewed up and shat out “Hippie” stuff (insulting to hippies) is complete, utter NIHILISM – everything is destroyed, perhaps only the fire to BURN things down with is not used because whoever invented it (DIY Fire) said or did something “Wrong” but was lost to history so some screeching SJW couldn’t find the source…

But the fanatic hates the “heretic” more than the Pagan. Sorry but the Hippies were IN YOUR FACE they were NOT “Offensive to FEW” – check out Robert Crumb or Spain Rodriguez’s comix… They took police batons and threats to get blacks registered to vote and stared guns in the face and put flowers in them, saw their friends SHOT on campus while modern kids get to burn it down. Modern SJWs are some kind of media/corporate created INSULTS to the REAL leftists who fought, sacrificed, even died for maximum free speech, free oppression and freedom from real fascism…

So for letting gays be gay but NOT saying you ACCEPT their DEATH-Style? That yes people can raise their kids to hopefully NOT be gay so at worst they make it a serious, well thought adult choice? I’m a worse enemy than Fred Phelps of Westboro Baptist. Frankly, look up “Boys beware; Homosexual Awareness” – they should count themselves lucky they aren’t HUNTED openly. But “Tolerance <> Acceptance” per an awesome classic South Park.

Fuck all that. And FUCK whoever has taken over to RUIN “One Angry Gamer” to try to squeeze some money off of the name for a while, then likely quietly close it when it doesn’t break bank. I’m sure the “Gay Avenger” and lots of others will have SO much fun coming back to paste their “Pride” icons and scream “What!? He disagrees with the GroupThink!? Ban him! Baaaannnnn himmmmm!!!” like every other ‘discussion’ board that’s crippled by TOS, automated complaint buttons and biased ‘moderators’.

Well they won’t get to “Baannn me” coz I’ll leave it to their own elite lefitsts thinking they run a nearly empty site that will eventually start shouting at each other when they chase off or complaint flag any not hyper left and get bored seeing ads for games they probably don’t have the computer to RUN – all the high priced shovelware OAG still managed to complain about.

BTW – I typed this here – on a quickie wordpress via my PRIVATE hosting. I don’t have TOS and “Legal in the USA” – is non-profit this page so “Fair use” cited for all images. Except some of my regulars are black I’d post a ton of A. Wyatt Mann cartoons also. Not for fear of losing a ‘customer’ or getting ‘reported’ but that I don’t jab friends in the eye.

BUT – any OAG refugees please feel free to post here. I have any post with a “link” disabled because there’s some bot farm that floods those wordpress based sites with spam and not spam for cool stuff like sex tours, grey market tech and designer drugs but crude scams and lockdown virus sites. So if you want to post a link do “For more private browsing visit www dot duckduckgo dot com” vs www.duckduckgo.com to avoid getting put on hold and me likely deleting it vs the flood of “Go visit our scam lockdown site! – link-” getting posted way too often by bots.

Again, I’m way too busy to make my own “OAG” clone – but figure this blog here might be a good holding for OAG fans. Only one not welcome is that “Gay Defender” hassling everyone. I don’t care if you are gay, straight, right wing, left wing and feel free to debate – just no whining if someone MELTS your treacly “Precious Individual Snowflake” garbage.

While too busy to try to make an OAG clone I’ll try to put more “GammVs MaXXXimVs” posts on gaming, game issues – and posting is “Letter of the Law in USA meets early internet” and “Precious Individual Snowflakes, prepare to be MELTED”…

Guess I’ll re-do a review or two from my old BloggVs MaXXXimVs and make some new ones…

Furthermore – IF an OAG clone site pops up:

Requirements –

A – Free speech to the letter of the law in the USA

B – open registration + image posting again per A

C – no TOS, save A

D – subject is mainly gaming and gamergate friendly – bitching about games that censor to appeal to NON purchasing whiny college students and “Hucksters out to Strike it Rich” – and censorship – shovelware – bought out reviews, etc. Sub-subjects could be comics, RPGs, how politics affect them, etc. Yes sexual and PC or “Woke” politics.

D1 – I’m ALL for freedom to the MaXXXimVs – if people want to make some kind of rainbow unicorn shit world where it’s all luvy duvy – FINE – we might even post them so people will LAUGH at them, but maybe that “Gay defender” might be their customer and play that a few minutes versus bitching.

E. ALL politics friendly. I don’t care if you are right or left. Again, technically I’m “Left” and NO not Libertarian. But I can agree to disagree and politely debate, you aren’t my “Enemy” if you don’t agree with me 100% – that’s for SJWs and other nucking futz extermists. I’m aware that most of OAG were more right/libertarian – if we make a place “ONLY” for us and push out dissent we’ll be just like the “Safe Spaces” just a different flavor. What made OAG so good was all the FUN of the contrasts.

F – try to allow image posting. Haven’t seemed to have figured it out on this thing… I will allow if I can!

IF someone makes a gaming site (or finds one) that’s all of that – Free speech, images posting including ‘offensive’ allowing open speech so “Snowflakes” had better be warned there’s no “Flag” button (save criminal threats and real Kiddie P— with real pics of nekkid kids) to get someone Baaaannned if they shout back at them after them insulting them. – Well IF there’s a spiritual successor to OAG – I’ll GLADLY poke people over there and visit myself!


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