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Greetings refugees from “One Angry Gamer” — as I mentioned last article I can’t re-create OAG. Well, mabye I could, but I’d have to give up comics and or (other alias) storytelling, both a bit hampered due to depression and other duties. Not ‘clinical’ I’m no fucking snowflake but isolation is getting to me at long last.

So thought I’d go to Midnight Castle Succubus – by Libra Heart- now on Steam at last. I’d bought it earlier via DL site and there are some people who don’t like Steam so will buy it there. I got it again during a recent sale to test the conversion and immediate use of the Steam Controller. Overall I really LIKE this game and the similar but different games in the “Succubus” series!

Oh, and disclaimer, master of the obvious – I am NOT paid by whoever made it to give a good review. I’m a “Gamergater” meaning I’m loyal to the GOOD games, fun games, variety of games and (this case) games meant to make Anita Sarkessian SCREAM. I’m sleazy and easy to please but I will NOT give an undeserved OK to shovelware or shit ware for $ – at least not for other than a LOT of $- William S. Burroughs said “If the powers that be want you to sell out, sell out but give a HIGH price…” – so NO a few thousand or sleeping with a shitty, ugly SJW college cunt that’ll later get a musician to kill himself after fake allegation is NOT worth my rep – small as it is…. So if I get $ for a deluxe “Sex Tour” including high legal insurance as I might try kinky/sick stuff that’s ILLEGAL…then I might OK something that crashes 99% of computers even starting… Just kidding – Anyone willing to pay this ($100K) should spend it on making a GOOD game not spending $ to cover it up. Don’t offer me the $ – I’ll likely say “FUCK YOU!” and post it everywhere, I don’t want to be tempted…

Anyways, this Succubus game plays like classic Castlevania – but save the main character using a whip and other mechanics is both a loving tribute and different. She platforms, can jump, can get magical weapons and in steps increases her abilities which often are barriers to movement within and expanding the map of the world.

The game plays as a cross between the first three Castlevania games – starting left to right scrolling then opening into a larger world with towns you can re-visit and interact with, dungeons you can visit multiple times, different assistant characters you can have on the screen with you to aid your quest.

And you save sexy girls from being raped!

But get to hear them whine and watch the action first!

Lots of monsters, boss battles, secrets…

And the monsters tend to be sexy women!

When you are defeated your character (a sexy woman) will be raped for a while then the game starts shortly before you left off.

One of the advantages of a game like this is a “Gallery” mode where the scenes you encounter can be played back and so you end up with a collection.

I just re-bought this on Steam – so I could test the conversion, most of these I’m 90, 99%, 100% unlocked if I got it from DLsite

This encourages repeat play and exploration though most of these are simple and have codes to unlock the game or a very easy to access (non-coded) game file. I recommend avoiding doing this unless something is really frustrating you – part of the fun in playing it. You bought the game, so have FUN with it!

Oh, and you BETTER buy the game, especially if you LIKE the genre. I know it’s tough these days – AND – while food/shelter come first that also means you VOTE with your DOLLARS. Find, purchase, spread the word – SUPPORT what you LIKE. If you put $ into what you like, people will tend to make MORE of it. Don’t buy a $60 AAA “Game” that’s barely above shovelware with tons of “DLC” scams and the thing has been censored to make Anita Sarkeesian and her NON-purchasers happy then ‘complain’ – go for and support games that are fun to play and appeal to you – the MALE gamer who isn’t “Politically Correct”

Gameplay = Good – mild challenge but not casual

Gameplay – overall if you played the Castlevania games this is a piece of cake. It’s a lot of fun and mildly challenging. Not “Casual” gaming like going through a field of changing colors with no death, but easy. Some boss fights I counted myself lucky to survive, such as that female centaur thing. If you aren’t careful, don’t learn the enemies patterns and jump/time right it’ll be frustratingly hard.

I’m still working on my “SARK Score” system – the TL/DR is that I give a “Point” for the major “Tropes” Anita whines about. I’m going to revise this coz IMO if she went to college where/when I went to, her project would have been a “C” at best and ONLY if she was lickin’ a VERY about to be fired by defenestration instructor… I’m saying “Just One Man’s Opinion” for CYA sakes… Just really, I personally feel her ‘research’ is terrible.

Oh, and besides “Public figure = subject to parody” – if any troll tries a DMCA over “SARK” – well PRIVATE hosting fucker no “Complaint” button for automatic banhammer by uncaring admins and I’d defend myself – but I could also change it to “S.A.R.K.” and divorce it from that whiny Lumberjane…

Sooo….let me rate this game… Just “One Man’s Opinion” – this is SARK score, not playability which above I gave a Good/Fun/not too challenging but not casual rating…

S.A.R.K. score is for the Sexy for things that makes the vile SARK SCREAM!!!

Overall – I say 3 points (normal 1 with exceptional and VERY exceptional 3) for “Damsels in Distress”… Now you can’t have 10 points for 10 Damsels, but if it’s in there – 1 point, if it’s a common theme… 3 points since a common theme and exceptional artwork to personalize EACH damsel and the peril (and pumpin’) they go through! Then Women as background decoration – 1 – lots of nude women in statue form, design. No “Exotic Fantasy” since I didn’t see any strong “Ethnic” themes used and abused, they are all “Anime” chicks but standard though on the meaty/voluptuousness since STEAM is scared by Loli. 1 For Lady Sidekick since that is an option, a tribute to Castlevania 3 and done well. Sadly NO score for Ms Male since the characters have different traits/options, they aren’t just a re-skin of a male character – hey and all are powerful women….the Sark should LIKE that… 2 for Lingerie as armor since so much work done on it. No Strategic butt coverings. (it’s off for sex/rape scenes and too small in pixels otherwise) Also no points for “Women are too hard to Animate” – they do it VERY well with all the curvy, bouncy, rolling flesh… Really, “Pro” animators should look at this game and games from the series, they obviously studied 80s pornstars with MEAT on them…. “All the Slender Ladies” – while cartoon/anime these ladies are more in common with 70s sword and sorcery where they were meaty and ample healthy – not the “Loliese Anime Waifs” that’d only get called “Fat” at a Paris fashion show or by a ‘high fashion’ magazine… They are trim and beautiful but nice, curvy, bouncy! Finally, no special DLC – this game is the same – there is a “SFW” version but that’s a de-enhancement – original game is NOT like this…

So therefore a 9. Normally would be 5 but exceptional detail in Damsels in Distress and Lingerie as armor.

Mind you, to the hideous SARK even ONE on her list is call to send the “Social Justice Warriors” or as I call them the “Hipsters of HATE” on a screaming rampage to demand all Male appealing (the CUSTOMERS) stuff be removed or censored, token characters put in and huge DONATIONS aka extortion/bribery to them to stop the Hate-in… Just “One Man’s Opinion”

Therefore, give “Midnight Castle Succubus” a GO!

Buy it on Steam – or buy it DLsite – if you have a hate-on for Steam somehow – I’ve used MasterCard, Visa no problem on DLSite – some items don’t let you use PayPal – BUT you can buy “Points” via PayPal then spend them on games…

Feel free to comment – since privately hosted ALL stuff said is legal (to the limit of USA law) however I haven’t been able to enable image posting and sadly links are held (likely deleted since so many) due to bots/spiders posting spam… Not cool stuff like human trafficking darkweb links and drugs, designer drugs, weapons, warez, gray markets – just MLM, diet stuff that is MLM and blatant Nigerian Letter level stuff – really they aren’t creative…. If you MUST post a link go “Rotten dot Com” versus rotten.com full link and it likely won’t get auto-held – that deters the spiders/bots that can’t read this or won’t if they do have the AI to do so…

But free for all like old “One Angry Gamer” (RIP), snowflakes prepare to be MELTED –

November – MMXX – Offensiveness MaXXXimVs

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